Bonnie and Bucket

We started our beekeeping journey over a year ago when we joined a local Biodynamic Beekeeping Study Group. Recently, we completed an online class with Spikenard Sanctuary that covered everything from welcoming your hive to bundling it up for winter.

As beekeepers we provide them the space they need to expand as they grow, collect, and produce as well as reducing their space when they are conserving energy and resources. A hive is a living organism with many living “cells" - the individual bees. From the beginning of its life until the end, a worker bee knows its role within the hive and performs that role in accordance with what is best for the hive. 

Sadly, both of our hives, Bonnie & Bucket, died early in the fall due to varroa mites.

We preformed an autopsy and took a deep dive into both hives. We learned a lot from our friends and are grateful for the bounty they left behind.